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If you have been told that

there is nothing can be done for your rug,

you may be surprised by our expert repair men!

Our Restoration Service Guaranteed!

Master Weaver

Expert Restoration, Repair and Conservation

     New, Old, Antique, Contemporary, Tribal, Persian, Oriental Rugs, Kilims, Navajo Weavings, Loop-rugs, Braided-rugs, Needle-points, Tapestries of Exceptional Quality by Experienced Craftsmen.

Repairing is a complex process requiring experienced craftsmen and depending on the value of your rug, there are a number of procedures that we can employ to repair or restore your rug.

First, we will expertly assess the true value of your rug, regardless of the condition, so that you spend the proper amount to repair it based on its quality, condition and value.

Then we will work with you to help you select the correct process for repairing or restoring your precious rug. Some of the lower-priced procedures that we can use to restore the appearance of your rug at a minimal cost include:

*Closing a hole or sewing together a tear
* Dyeing a worn area or stain to match the rest of the rug
* Salvaging an edge where it is worn
* Adding a pre-made fringe

These repairs will be invisible when the rug is on the floor in your home.

Weaving Teqnique Before
Weaving Teqnique After
Dyeing and Weaving Teqnique Before
Dyeing and Weaving Teqnique After
Weaving Teqnique Before

Higher priced, museum quality repairs by our experienced master craftsmen are also available when you want your rug perfectly restored, regardless of its age or overall condition. Because of the time and cost and expert craftsmen, these services are most often used for heirloom or antique rugs, or by collectors, galleries and museums:

* Re-fringing an edge with matching thread and color
* Re-weaving an edge or area with perfectly matched colors and textures of yarn

A Professional Restoration Weaving on Antique Persian Kashan Amateure repair.

Amazing Restoration 

A Major Restoration on An Antique Kazak Russian Rug.

Amazing Restoration 

A hole Restoration on A hand woven Indian Rug.

Amazing Restoration 

A professional Restoration on a corner of Indian Heriz Rug.

Amazing Restoration 

A Restoration on An Antique Persian Malayer Rug which was repaired by unprofessional carpet cleaner before.

Amazing Restoration 

A Restoration on An Antique Persian Heriz Rug by Dying the Low pile areas.

Amazing Restoration 

A Restoration on A Custom Made Area Rug which was chewed by a poppy.

Amazing Restoration 


Special Repair techniques used to Restore different rugs

We carry thousands of yarns in stock, gathered from around the world, to perfectly match the color and texture of your rug - over 100 different shades and textures of red alone!

Complete Restoration Before Complete Restoration After
Reweaving a Cut in the center of an old Chinese rug.

The large hole in this antique Persian Kashan Rug has been invisibly rewoven for a museum.

Repair a hole Before Repair a hole After


  Museum Quality Restoration

1. Securing the Fringes
A. Wool Fringes
B. Cotton Fringes
C. Silk Fringes

2. Adding pre-made fringes to any cotton warp rugs
3. Re-salvaging the Borders
A. Single (Wool or Cotton Borders)
B. Double (Wool or Cotton Borders)
C. Single or Double Silk Border

Rug Stain Removing

Rug Stain Removing

Weaving Customer Initial on their Rug


Reweaving A CORNER

Reweaving A SIDE

Reweaving A CUT

Reweaving A HOLE

Reweaving A CORNER
Reweaving A CORNER

Custom cutting and sizes available on stocked pads

High quality rug pads are available at discount prices for all types of floors, from sizes 2 feet x 4 feet through 12 feet x 65 feet. We carry a large selection of rug pads. Choose from rug to hard floor, rug to carpet, vinyl mesh, jute or dual material pads.