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* I bought my first Persian rug from Majid and his wife Bita over 25 years ago and I have been hooked since then. As 3rd generation Persian Rug expert, Majid and his wife Bita have been the most considerate and honest people I have ever met and I trust his expertise and advice on every piece that I have purchased from them over the years. I am so proud of the beautiful collection of rugs I have now from antique Persian Sarouks, intricate Persian Isfahan, Persian Tabriz, a restored Nain that looked like it was ready for the garbage, and a few more. Between Majid and his wife Bita, they restored the Persian Nain and it is on display in the living room of my home and looks beautiful. I drive 90 minutes to do business with Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery as Majid and his wife Bita is the only rug dealers I will buy from or trust to clean my rugs.
I have recommended them to others over the years and they have equally been very happy with their collections, knowledge, and genuine concern for their customers and their needs.
Rosalie G.

from: Danville Ca

* I've been taking rugs to Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery for cleaning and repair since 1992, so it's been twenty-six years! Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery even stored some of our rugs for us when we moved. I continue to take my rugs here because they perform authentic, old-school, hand-done, artisanal-style rug care at an excellent price - They do a thorough cleaning and three-day airing out. I understand that they are not in business for their personality, and the owner is an expert in rugs and a very interesting man if you take the time to get to know him. He told me everything about my rug that I didn't know.
I appreciate the care and time they put into their professional handling of each item that enters their store.

Paolo C.
from: San Francisco Ca

* We have several valuable and classic oriental rugs. At first, we only came to have them cleaned however after we realized that Majid, the owner, could also restore the rugs, we left 6 of our precious rugs to be restored---Magnificent is all I can say. This group is honest, has a great inventory, and will do the best job possible on any restoration.
Do not even bother with anyone else.
Angela W.
from: Orinda CA

* I am so impressed with these delightful people. They have now cleaned both my Kilim and Oriental rugs and they did an outstanding job.
They seemed to care as much for my rugs as I do and suggested repairs for my most valuable rug that will ensure a longer life. In addition to their fine work, they are lovely people with great integrity.
I am so glad I found them!
Lynne P.
from: Fair Oaks Ca

* We are so happy that we found this place. Our dog threw up on our expensive wool rug. I made it worse by trying to clean it and then Majid was recommended to us. He is very nice to work with and did an outstanding job cleaning our rug. The yellow spot that was very large and visible completely disappeared! He also was incredibly nice to work with.
I highly recommend this place!!
Janet D.
from: Vacaville Ca

* Oriental rug cleaning is the best!!! And I tell you I have used others but they just don't compare. Their professionalism, expertise, and efficiency are awesome. They showed up on time and did an incredible job on my oriental rugs- getting them to look so clean. I can't even remember when last I saw them so clean.
Yuriy M.
from: Santa Barbara Ca

* Friends! Read this entire post.
ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery is owned and operated by the BEST in the rug cleaning and repair business!
Whether you have a priceless heirloom hand-woven rug or maybe one not so expensive...
ShanNei Rugs cleans and repairs all types of rugs.
True story - recently I bought a large area rug off of Folsom Findings Yard Sale for a fairly cheap price.
It needed cleaning and the previous owners' dog had chewed the fringe around a corner or two.
Majid owner of ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery picked up my rug and returned it.
It looked like a brand-new rug! The cleaning process brought out all of the vibrant colors.
They also hand-repaired the fringe.
Most surprisingly for me though, was the information I was given about my cheap yard sale purchase - turns out the rug I bought was worth a lot more than I could have imagined.
I was given instructions on how to care for the rug in the future.
Excellent service and I was extremely satisfied!
If you have a rug(s) - contact ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery for all your rug cleaning, repairs, and appraisal needs.
They truly are the kindest and most knowledgeable business!
Mary G.
from: Folsom Ca


* Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery did an awesome job cleaning and repairing my Antique authentic Persian Turkman rug. I was very impressed with the quality of the service and the price was very affordable. I also had them clean and repair my Persian-style Bokhara-style rug. The repairs were wonderful and the cleaning was amazing. Being new to the area, I chose Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery because they have a very high reputation with local rug owners.
I will use them again.

Jamie P.
from: Folsom Ca


* We have been using ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery for many years now for having our rugs cleaned and repaired. We own several authentic Persian rugs, both large and small, and they always do a beautiful job and good prices. Also, the customer service in arranging pick-ups and deliveries is excellent.
Very happy customer!!
Jackie C.
from: San Francisco Ca

* Majid is very knowledgeable and a magician when it comes to repairs. I was ready to discard a rug that had been left in the home by a previous owner; Majid assured me this rug was worth repairing and cleaning. I didn't recognize the beautiful rug he returned and could not tell where the repairs had been made. My only regret is that I hadn't taken a before picture to compare to an after picture.
Sarah R.
from: Camino Ca

* Majid has cleaned and repaired several of our Asian carpets. I did not know what I had because I had inherited the carpets and he educated me on them. The repairs and cleaning were expertly and timely done at reasonable prices. Although I live out of town, I will not take my carpets anywhere else.
Highly recommended.
F. S.
from: Stockton Ca

* When I was looking to clean my Persian Rugs, I was lucky to find Majid. My rugs were thoroughly repaired on the ends and the thin areas of my rugs were revived. All repairs are made with the use of traditional ancient rug tools and cleaning methods. I also purchased custom pads for each rug. What a difference!! My rugs were returned to me in better condition than ever, with a historical and regional rug name tag!
The service is Superior!
Kathleen K.
from: Reno NV

* Majid has cleaned a dozen of my Persian/oriental carpets and also repaired a few of them. I have always been happy with the results and appreciate his attention to detail and his knowledge.
I would recommend his business.
Marsha N.
from: Citrus Heights Ca


* Thank you for restoring my family oriental rugs. I was so nervous as they are irreplaceable. I highly recommend ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery, they are experts! The cleaning brought back those rich colors of old oriental rugs.
My family can now enjoy these clean beauties.
Aila F.
from: San Francisco Ca

* Our 13-year-old, dingy, spotted, slightly damaged rug came back looking like new. Cleaning and repair were beautifully done. Excellent work and high-quality service.
We highly recommend this company.
Melissa P.
From: Folsom Ca

* We are so happy that we found this place. Our dog threw up on our expensive wool rug. I made it worse by trying to clean it and then Majid was recommended to us. He is very nice to work with and did an outstanding job cleaning our rug. The yellow spot that was very large and visible completely disappeared! He also was incredibly nice to work with.
I highly recommend this place!!
Janet D.
from: Vacaville Ca


* Amazing. My dog chewed an enormous 6-inch hole in my parents' beautiful Turkish rug (brought from Turkey almost 30 years ago, and not replaceable). Hoping not to be disowned, we brought the rug to Majid who was honest about whether it could be repaired, what it would cost, and how long it would take. The result was stunning--the hole was re-weaved perfectly, and you can't tell there was ever any damage.
Wonderful. Thank you, Majid!!
Heather S.
from: South Lake Tahoe Ca


* My blue Persian rug was seriously damaged by moths during almost two years in storage. I thought it was completely ruined and was heartbroken over the loss. As a last-ditch effort to save it, I called Majid. I'm so glad I did. While we couldn't save the entire rug, he was able to rid it of pests, kill the larvae, remove the damaged exterior edges, and re-tassel the ends. My family heirloom is now smaller, but still gorgeous and will remain a part of our family for many more decades.
- I cannot thank Majid enough for his hard work, honesty, and integrity. He assessed my rug and gave me a full scope of work, estimate, and timeline. He then met each of his promises with high-quality work, on-time delivery, and a big hug to help celebrate our success.
- THANK YOU, Majid, for being a consummate professional and for keeping the fine art of rug cleaning and preservation alive and well.
- If you need your high-end rugs cleaned or repaired, GO SEE MAJID. You will be very glad you did.
Deborah V.
from: Santa Clara Ca


* Majid and Bita are true professionals and artisans in the world of rugs. I hauled 2 rugs from my garage-had been in there 20 years and have cleaned them. Wow! Not only did I receive a FULL history of my rugs-when I picked them up-they looked new and well restored! One of the rugs turned out to be an antique that Beata lovingly hand-stitched to create a remarkable piece cannot tell you how much I appreciate their craftsmanship, expertise, and excellent service. My rugs look gorgeous am dropping off 2 more today.
- Thank you, Majid and Bita true personal service that I will continue to recommend. Pricing is extremely fair- all the work is hand unbelievable! Thank you!
lin R.
from: Rancho Cordova Ca


* I had Majid from ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery give me an estimate on our 10 x 13 Afghanistan rug that needed cleaning. Majid was very professional and courteous and gave me a reasonable estimate. Majid delivered the rug several weeks later.
- I was very pleased with the results.
Pat S.
from: Granite Bay Ca

* Very professional and honest! I shopped around the Bay Area for a reasonable price to clean, repair, and evaluate our antique rugs. Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery was the most affordable! They are extremely knowledgeable and did an amazing job repairing.
- I would strongly recommend them to anyone.
D. T.
from: Martinez Ca


* I was very anxious about getting my beautiful rug cleaned, especially as it was going to be cleaned off-site. I should not have worried. It came back absolutely like new every stain and mark gone, the colors are vibrant again. The service I got was excellent from the lovely staff, who kept me up to date on delivery time etc. They even did an especially late delivery for me as I wanted it back for my guests' arrival the next day.
- I would recommend this company, great investment.

Paul G.
from: San Francisco Ca

* We are very happy with Shanei Oriental Rugs Gallery's professional services. We have a few Persian Rugs repaired and cleaned and could not believe the restorations. Not even could tell where the damage used to be afterward.
Nasser S.
from: El Dorado Hills Ca


* I want to thank you for repairing my rugs. This is only one of a few. You cleaned and repaired areas of my rugs. I know a Persian rug can cost thousands more. These are Persian designs hand woven and made in India and Pakistan.
- Nothing can ever be perfect, but imperfections can remind you of the good people you meet in life.
Suzanne S.
from: Folsom Ca


* They did a great job on some that my puppy chewed about 6 years ago. Also, reasonably priced!
Pat C.T.
from: Jackson Ca

* Overall
- These guys repaired a Navajo rug for me and it came out really beautiful.
- Great job.
Bob S.
from: Rancho Murieta Ca

* Majid came to our house to see if our Persian rug could be cleaned and repaired. Our puppy used it as a chew toy and pee pad. Majid said no problem he could repair the rug. It took a little time but happy to say our rug looks brand new.
- We needed to ship to New York City and Majid met me at the UPS store with the rug. He carried it in and is happy to say it is now arriving at my nephew's Tuesday. I sell Real Estate in the area and I can assure you I will tell my client and other agents about the quality service we received.
Patti J. D. Realtor
from: Gold River Ca

* This family was so nice and easy to deal with, they cleaned and repaired my 12x18 Persian carpet and did a wonderful job, I could not be more pleased.
Sondra B.
from: San Rafael Ca


* It has been 10+ years since I last visited the Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery.
- I remembered the craftsmanship and care given to my rugs. My tribal rug needed repair and cleaning. I was not sure if it was worth saving, even though I loved it. What was I going to do?
- I remembered Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery and sought out his experience again. I was thankful he was still located at the same address. His work is of high quality. His knowledge of valued/cherished rugs is the best. I am a retired high school teacher who was in a time of need.
- Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery was able to repair my antique tribal rug, which tells a story all of its own. I find his prices to be the best, both: reasonable and fair. Plus,.... excellent customer care and communication.
- He wants you to be happy and satisfied with his work.
- I am!
Janet T.
from: Sacramento Ca


* I've had a Persian rug for about 30 years that needed repair and cleaning. I mailed them my rug and within weeks it was finished and sent back. It looks great! I would highly recommend them for any rug needs.
Lisa L.
from: Modesto Ca

* We recently had a carpet cut and bound to fit a room, and we lucked out and found this business.
- Super pleased with the result, prompt, courteous, extremely knowledgeable, not cheap but worth the price. You get what you pay for!
I'm very pleased. We are having another rug done.
Sheree H.
from: Gold River Ca


* I have been using Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery to clean our rugs for over a year now and am so grateful for their exceptional service.
- They have treated our Persian and Oriental rugs so well that they appear brand new.
- Mr. Majid is so knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend their services for your Persian and Oriental cleaning rug needs.
Jennifer O.
from: Gold River Ca


* We have a beautiful Egyptian rug that had unfortunately been quite soiled by our dog buddies. Being relatively new to Sacramento, I turned to online reviews for someone who could handle not only cleaning but deodorizing this lovely piece. I loved the pictures on their website showing how Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery literally bathes your rug in special tanks to get it truly clean through and through.
- I am so glad I found them! Our rug looks brand new and not only that, it SMELLS brand new, too! There is no odor of perfume or solvent, just a fresh, clean scent.
- They were very pleasant to deal with and I recommend them without reservation.

Liize D.
from: Sacramento Ca


* I discovered this business when I first moved to Fair Oaks. They did a great job of cleaning my three rugs and repairing the fringe on an heirloom from my parents.
- Majid is a consummate artist and weaver and a source of great historical information. I enjoy every visit.
Linda B.
from: Fair Oaks Ca

* We brought all of our Persian rugs to Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery to be cleaned and repaired. The rugs were returned in beautiful condition.

- The colors were again vibrant. We are very happy with the results, and glad that we trusted in their expertise.
- We will use them again in the future to maintain the beauty of our rugs.
- Thank you Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery!
Soraya S.
from: Elk Grove Ca


* Great experience with Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery!
- They did an amazing job cleaning two of our rugs and repairing one, they look so much better!
- Customer service is amazing and I appreciate that they pick up and drop off the rugs. Fast and efficient!
- This is the only place I will use to clean our rugs! Thanks!
Jolene Z.
from: Santa Rosa Ca


* Puppy might have chewed a hole in a beautiful rug that we love. Believe me when I say we loved the rug more than the puppy at that moment in time. Good thing he's cute.
- Thank goodness for Majid at Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery. He took it, gave me a price that I thought was too low, and said it would take two weeks to fix it. He was a popular man and it took a little longer than that, but it was well worth the wait. It is a testament to his work that when he unrolled it to discuss the process of mending the rug I was looking at the wrong spot. I could not tell where the hole had been.
- A class-act, family man who knows his trade. We will be back for any weaving requests!
Jeol G.
from: Folsom Ca


* I wanted a professional & and reliable company to clean and repair some antique Persian rugs that I've had in my garage for many years. I found Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery and decided to try them because of their great reviews, even though it's an 85-mile drive from my home.
- I met Majid when I arrived and he was extremely informative. He told me how my rugs were made, and why there are different color variations in the patterns. He let me know that these rugs are works of art and one-of-a-kind since they're handmade. I found Majid to be so kind, and he & and his wife are delightful! I had Majid clean, repair, and appraise my rugs, and they turned out beautifully! He also has many, many rugs for sale, both antique and modern.
- I HIGHLY recommend Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery for its quality and friendliness!
Rhonda B.
from: Mountain View Ca

* We have had two carpets cleaned by ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery and are impressed by the quality of the cleaning and the friendly service.
- If you have a fine Oriental Rug that needs refreshing, you cannot beat ShaNei Oriental Rug Gallery.
William P.
from: Rancho Cordova Ca

* Excellent! Excellent! I have taken in a selection of rugs/carpets- Turkish silk, silk/wool Tabriz, Persian Shirvan, and tribal kilims for a variety of repairs and cleaning.
- I've never been even slightly disappointed. Always great work.
- I recommend him highly!

Patrick T.
from: Orangevale Ca


* I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the cleaning and repair of my rugs. I have had all 13 Persian rugs cleaned and a couple repaired.
Majid is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend him.
Jan C.
from: Carmichael Ca


* Very glad I found Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery to repair a large hole in the center of a custom-made area rug. My favorite rug was placed under a coffee table in the living room for 21 years. Now along came our new puppy and he chewed a ragged 4-inch hole clear through.
- The repair blends in perfectly.
- The rug was cleaned and now looks better than it has in years.
David H.
from: Granite Bay Ca

* Excellent work cleaning an oriental carpet. Thank you.
- It looks better than when we got it.
Sarah B.
from: Folsom Ca

* WOW, WOW, WOW is all we can say. Majid, you are a magician! Our Large Chinese Rug looks brand new and it is 40 years old and has had 5 dogs in the house. We love it Thank you once again. Have a great day!!
Linda H.
from: Reno Nv

*Wonderful service! Use it again. Thanks

Ghasem R.

from: Gold River Ca

* Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery Cleaning made my day!!!

- They did save my beautiful rug after the wine was spilled on it. I thought it is ruined, especially after I tried to clean the stain by myself.

- From the initial call to the delivery, all was very smooth. I highly recommend their great service! Very happy customer.


Gina P.
from: Nevada City Ca


* Pickup was so easy and they returned the rug in three weeks as promised. It’s sparkling clean with a new rug pad. Will use them again! Highly recommend.
Josie G.

from: Rocklin Ca

* Don't waste your time going to other rug shops. Majid will take the time to educate you on what to look for in a rug and patiently help you select the best rug for your home in your price range. His selection of rugs is high quality and they are all beautiful works of art. I highly recommend Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery.

Michelle S

from: San Mateo Ca

* “Always great service and very experienced in cleaning and restoration. They are a family-owned business that has been in California since 1989. Would only use them. Have been using them for 30-plus years. Fantastic staff.”

Beth P.

from: Truckee Ca

* ShaNei rug service is THE BEST! Majid has cleaned and repaired 7 of our rugs. One was a 60-year-old Navajo rug, one was a 70-year-old Persian, 4 were newer Indian or Persian rugs, and one was an inexpensive hooked wool. He assessed each one, showed me what they needed, and provided expert repair and cleaning on all. He is a joy to work with and is trustworthy, skillful, and a perfectionist. I recommend him to all my friends!
Jean O.
from: Folsom Ca


* We have used Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery to clean and restore our area rugs and carpets for more than 20 years. They have consistently provided results far exceeding our expectations including removing pet stains, repairing moth damage, and resizing rugs. We highly recommend Shanei, their service is truly exceptional.
Wayne H.
from: Danville Ca

* I've had two Area Rugs cleaned twice by the team at Shanei and both times the work has been outstanding.
Karen E.

from: Gold River Ca

* Absolutely amazing, old-school, personal service! Wonderful communication. Mr. Majid and His Wife Bita are very knowledgeable and fascinated by the history of antique carpets. They shared with me lots of information about traditional techniques and the origin of some designs. Kind, generous with their time, and reliable. Also, a reasonable price. I can recommend the company Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery and Services to anyone who cares about their Rugs—many thanks.
Marta M.

from: Chico Ca

* ShaNei rugs saved my old living room rug. They brought it back to life and made it look brand new. I was blown away by the results. The service was amazing and the owner, Majid was a breath of fresh air. I have already dropped off my bedroom rug as well because I was so impressed. 5/5 would recommend it to friends and family.

Daren G.

from: Citrus Heights Ca

* I searched all over Sacramento for Persian Rugs for our new home and found the perfect place. Amazing selection of absolutely beautiful Oriental Rugs. We purchased 3 rugs from Majid. These Rugs completely enlivened our space and we love marveling at them every day. It was a pleasure to do business with Majid, great selection, interaction, and prices. I highly recommend them!
Hueseyin  K.

from: Pleasanton Ca

* Majid did a fabulous job. He is polite, straightforward, and extremely knowledgeable. I had two large rugs cleaned and have since taken another for him to clean and repair. So, three hand-knotted rugs are now done, and I couldn't be happier. I will never take my valuable handmade rugs anywhere else.
Mona M.

from: Rancho Murieta Ca

* We have a large, area rug in our living room, which gets a lot of traffic. I have been disappointed in the past with other carpet cleaning companies and waited a long time since the last cleaning because I just didn't think it was worth it. When I just couldn't put it off anymore because the rug looked so bad, I called Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery in Rancho Cordova and talked to Bita. She scheduled to pick up my rug in a couple of days and had it for about 2 weeks. I could not believe the difference when they brought it back. It was cleaner and brighter than it had ever been since we had it (it was in the house when we moved in 30 years ago). It was also softer than it had ever been in our experience. They were very friendly and when I had to put off delivery, they were happy to accommodate. I would recommend Shanei Oriental Rug Gallery to anyone who wants a rug thoroughly cleaned and who enjoys friendly, personal service.

Matthew M.

from: Folsom Ca

* I have been a customer since 2010. At that time I had 8 plus rugs washed and if needed restored. I appreciate Majid's, knowledge and assessment of what work needs to be done. I am always completely satisfied with all the work completed. Currently having them restoring and cleaning 3 additional rugs. Looking forward to seeing the life that will be restored to these rugs. Over the years I have referred them to friends in the Napa Valley and Sacramento areas. Without exceptions, they all have been very pleased. I feel very fortunate to have them available to professionally care for my rugs!
Alfred C.

from: Citrus Heights Ca

* This is the place to go for expert cleaning, restoration & appraisals. I brought my Persian Nain Rug & he immediately new the type of rug I had in my hands as I walked up to the store. He is Professional, Friendly & very Knowledgeable, as he told me things about my rug I had never known before. I will tell everyone I know about his store if they are looking for a service, or want to purchase a rug. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for your "Awsome" work!

William W.

from: Citrus Heights Ca

* A friend of mine told me about this place. The owner Majid was so kind and patient and truly exceeded my expectations with his impeccable service. I've had stains on my grandmother's Moroccan rug for years and didn't know what do to about it. Thankfully, Majid's expertise and dedication shone through. Prompt responses, confident assurances, and a wealth of knowledge reassured us as we entrusted our rug to their care. Two weeks later, we were thrilled to receive the rug back in pristine condition, a testament to Majid's hard work and attention to detail. Shanei Oriental Rug Company comes highly recommended for anyone seeking expert rug cleaning services.

Caleb G.

from: Santa Clara Ca

* We had 3-4 rugs cleaned by a local carpet cleaner, and they looked worse than before. Then we found Shanei and wow, what a difference!
From the start, Shanei's team was super professional and really paid attention to detail. They took the time to understand our needs and knew exactly how to handle each type of rug. We got our rugs back quickly, looking amazing. The colors popped, the stains were gone, and they felt like new.
Shanei’s awesome service and quick turnaround totally impressed us. We highly recommend them for anyone needing top-notch rug cleaning.
Thanks, Shanei, for making our rugs look fantastic again!
Amanda G.

from: San Francisco Ca

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